boardsbikesbali: The Bengkel (Indonesian for motorcycle repair shop)

Flat tires, change light bulbs, hand scrape the carbon build up from the piston and valves, cut and weld- the local bengkel can do almost any repair or modification to scooters and motorcycles.  If they don’t have the part they will go to a parts shop in Denpasar by scooter to get it. If they can not find it there, they order it. If you can not wait for the part to be ordered (for most folks here the bike is their sole means of transport, to work, taking the kids to school, etc.) these guys will fabricate what you need from… whatever may be laying around.

Almost anywhere on Bali you can close your eyes and throw a rock and chances are the rock will hit a bengkel!

Here are a couple shops within 2 kilometers of my home I use to handle work I can not do myself.  They are reliable, friendly and fair- and have done some excellent work.Image

Near the Udayana University, my neighborhood


Gede, Owner and cheif mechanic


Rocket (the name he gave me), hard at it.


More of the Moza crew


The Ladies love the bikes…


In Nusa Dua


Slemat, owner and chief mechanicImage


Custom triple tree to allow a fat tire- hand made from plate steel.


No work benches, on the floor or in your lap is how it’s done.Image

Cha No Custom exhaust pipes (kanal pot, Indonesian language) hand rolled baffle, custom fit and weld complete in about an hour.


Fit, mark it, weld it, install.  These guys are good.Image

the finished product~


Local Boys Bali Style

Sunset is one of my favorite times to go for a ride, lucky for me my mobile phone takes photos.  These are an example of the creative talents of local riders- caught on the bridge overlooking the famous Padang Padang beach.Image

AJS Modif by Agus- 500 cc Original models-

BSA Modif by Mandre, 250 cc  Original models-

Kawasaki Modif by Parna, 200 cc  Originals-