American Style

Here are some photos from friends in the U.S. who modify and restore-

This is a ’99 sportster custom 1200cc from Brian Carr in California. Brian says- “My new obsession. Lots of stuff I wanna do to it. Got 12” mini apes ordered with white “coke bottle” grips and 2″ shorter risers on the way as well. Need to relocate the front signals and figure out what to do with the speedo. Then I’ll black some stuff out, chop the rear fender with side mount plate and brake light. And tank lift/ignition coil relocation”  

And here is the after pic, he says-

“Tank lift fabricated and installed by me, straight pipes fabricated/wrapped/installed by me, saddle bag braces chopped by me. Just a few more things left”.


My other California associate, Paul Ayala had this Honda CT 70 restored, looking nice and fun to ride!



Making an old board new-ish

Whether it be a car, motorcycle, laptop, tool or surfboard, if it is good product I like to have it around for a while.
Three of my surfboards are over 4 years old now, and still work really well- along the way I have maintained and repaired them so I can still use them. After cleaning, drying and repairing all the dings on a couple of my boards recently I got artistically motivated and decided to paint them.
I have found that when I do repairs and decoration on my own equipment I come to know it better- Like building and modifying the motorcycles, maintaining and decorating surfboards has the same effect- the nuances of the curves, rocker, overall shape- and I swear they work better now. Plus it was fun!

Shape: Tim Stamps. artwork: Kyle Holmes (a real artist, I don’t know how he does it) see his other work at: and

Shape: Wade Tokoro 6’5″.  Technique:  Canned spray paint, masking tape, 3″ brush, thinner wipe.

The other side….

Shape: Eric Schoelkopf 6’2″ Quad. Taped off for racing stripes!

Stay inspired!