1991 Honda GL 100 Modified

You know how it is, you do all you can for her and she ends up leaving you-

Well she’s gone now, but she left me with good memories and she was a helluva ride… I look at her photos from time to time and have a smile.

After about a year of refining and fine-tuning, “White Lighting” or “Petir Puti” was as complete as she could get, a classic retro look with the guts of a hod rod… This bike will move out- pulling my weight easily (98 kilos), and turns heads where ever she goes. Modified to 200 cc’s, she blew out of the gates and topped out at 130 KPH, only because that’s as fast as I was willing to go with her. Oh yes, she was willing to go farther and faster and so with a bit of nostalgic sadness we parted ways. I believe her new partner will ride her to her full, uh, potential 🙂

She is now in a new relationship with Smoked Motor at

Jl. Raya Kerobokan no5x
Bali Indonesia
Shop phone: 0361733062

and from what I hear getting a makeover. Since we parted on good terms I believe she will send photos, if only to make me jealous…
smoked moto 4

smoked moto 3
Tiger Piston 200 cc- racing tuned cam/valves
Plus custom pipe, lamps, racing tires all sublimated to keep her true charms hidden