CB 125 Surf Scrambler- Project complete- finally the final rebuild

Seen this part already?  Scroll down a bit for the good stuff.

Got antsy to get the wrenches twisting again, gonna turn this 1972 Honda CB into a worthy trail/road/surf exploring machine. Motor already rebuilt, frame stripped and starting with the new parts… Photo 4 with the new wheels and shocks on the restored frame… More to follow-

cb 125-2 (2) cb 125-5 (2)

cb 125-4 (2) cb 125-7

cb 125-10

At about 70% complete now, the rebuilt motor goes well and the 125 cc’s has enough pulling power with an aftermarket exhaust and a little carburetor change/modification.  Leaving the motor at the standard 125 and standard parts gives a reliable performance to a daily use surf/road bike; built to be ridden on the roads and trails she can do a work commute and a trip around the island, only routine maintenance required.

cb 125 70% c  cb 125 70% b

Still to go: some dialing of the timing and carb settings, connect and test electric, fit seat, final bells and whistles…

cb 125 70% d  cb 125 70%





Can you believe this crap?  For real, how long should it take to finish a basic modif??? I mean @$*&!^? $*!% what the what?

Welcome to DIY in Bali.

The first go was with this motor in this bike, a CB 125

cb 125-1 Photo0181

This is Stinky, a neighborhood dog who helped by reminding me when I needed to relax.


Which generally worked, or didn’t- this project had me spewing all things great and small about 50 times

Because this motor, below, REFUSED to be successfully rebuilt.

SDC11825 SDC11828

By that i mean it was installed and the bike completely assembled 6 times, and the motor failed each time after a brief test ride.


Until I sacrificed a WHOLE OTHER BIKE!!! which was meant to be a project in itself…  Just to finish this @$&%!& project.  I now have a spare empty frame and a “parts” motor, haha.  Except for an un-usable aluminum case.  And gear ratio shaft.  And main gear shaft.

worthless except for aluminum recycling

worthless except for aluminum recycling

So now it’s done.  I got no flowery words or witty anecdotes- it’s done and it was a bitch.  But, I had a ride today… I kinda like it.  I carries a surfboard too.  Maybe, just maybe, it will grow on me.  After a while.  Maybe.

SDC12133 SDC12134SDC12137 SDC12136


Some days…

Bike parked, racks empty: Gone surfing.

Bike parked, racks empty: Gone surfing.

Some days seem created to go surfing; light trade winds, 3-4 foot  SW swell running,

occasional clouds’ respite from the Bali sun.

Loaded up and rode to Bingin, climbed stairs and ready to paddle out until I noticed the crack all the way around the fin box.  Too far to ride back and change boards.


Oh yes, there were some good ones.



Relaxed a while, swam, enjoyed the beauty of the beach and floating in the shallows.  Watched a lot of good, not-that-crowded waves…

Photo0116 Photo0118

Later the same day, feeling unjustly robbed of a session, I grabbed my other board and had a surf.  On my 3rd wave I was hit by my own surfboard in the face and mouth, cutting open my lip and gums.

Some days maybe we aren’t meant to surf, however bad we may want to. (pictures from actual day of this story)

#payattentiontosubtlewarnings  #watchingotherpeoplegetwaves