CB 125 Surf Scrambler- Project complete- finally the final rebuild

Seen this part already?  Scroll down a bit for the good stuff.

Got antsy to get the wrenches twisting again, gonna turn this 1972 Honda CB into a worthy trail/road/surf exploring machine. Motor already rebuilt, frame stripped and starting with the new parts… Photo 4 with the new wheels and shocks on the restored frame… More to follow-

cb 125-2 (2) cb 125-5 (2)

cb 125-4 (2) cb 125-7

cb 125-10

At about 70% complete now, the rebuilt motor goes well and the 125 cc’s has enough pulling power with an aftermarket exhaust and a little carburetor change/modification.  Leaving the motor at the standard 125 and standard parts gives a reliable performance to a daily use surf/road bike; built to be ridden on the roads and trails she can do a work commute and a trip around the island, only routine maintenance required.

cb 125 70% c  cb 125 70% b

Still to go: some dialing of the timing and carb settings, connect and test electric, fit seat, final bells and whistles…

cb 125 70% d  cb 125 70%





Can you believe this crap?  For real, how long should it take to finish a basic modif??? I mean @$*&!^? $*!% what the what?

Welcome to DIY in Bali.

The first go was with this motor in this bike, a CB 125

cb 125-1 Photo0181

This is Stinky, a neighborhood dog who helped by reminding me when I needed to relax.


Which generally worked, or didn’t- this project had me spewing all things great and small about 50 times

Because this motor, below, REFUSED to be successfully rebuilt.

SDC11825 SDC11828

By that i mean it was installed and the bike completely assembled 6 times, and the motor failed each time after a brief test ride.


Until I sacrificed a WHOLE OTHER BIKE!!! which was meant to be a project in itself…  Just to finish this @$&%!& project.  I now have a spare empty frame and a “parts” motor, haha.  Except for an un-usable aluminum case.  And gear ratio shaft.  And main gear shaft.

worthless except for aluminum recycling

worthless except for aluminum recycling

So now it’s done.  I got no flowery words or witty anecdotes- it’s done and it was a bitch.  But, I had a ride today… I kinda like it.  I carries a surfboard too.  Maybe, just maybe, it will grow on me.  After a while.  Maybe.

SDC12133 SDC12134SDC12137 SDC12136


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