Jalan-Jalan, Exploring Bali roads

MarknMe on the roadThe winding road to Uluwatu; tight turns and small hills to keep your attention sharp and test all the lower-speed performance aspects of your bike. Island coastal, beautiful views and fun riding!


1991 Honda GL 100 Modified

You know how it is, you do all you can for her and she ends up leaving you-

Well she’s gone now, but she left me with good memories and she was a helluva ride… I look at her photos from time to time and have a smile.

After about a year of refining and fine-tuning, “White Lighting” or “Petir Puti” was as complete as she could get, a classic retro look with the guts of a hod rod… This bike will move out- pulling my weight easily (98 kilos), and turns heads where ever she goes. Modified to 200 cc’s, she blew out of the gates and topped out at 130 KPH, only because that’s as fast as I was willing to go with her. Oh yes, she was willing to go farther and faster and so with a bit of nostalgic sadness we parted ways. I believe her new partner will ride her to her full, uh, potential 🙂

She is now in a new relationship with Smoked Motor at

Jl. Raya Kerobokan no5x
Bali Indonesia
Shop phone: 0361733062

and from what I hear getting a makeover. Since we parted on good terms I believe she will send photos, if only to make me jealous…
smoked moto 4

smoked moto 3
Tiger Piston 200 cc- racing tuned cam/valves
Plus custom pipe, lamps, racing tires all sublimated to keep her true charms hidden


The Jim Banks “Experience” Project

How stoked can I be? Jim Banks, well known Australian surfer, shaper, competitor, innovator, adventurer, Indo pioneer, likes my motorbike and how I had it rigged to carry surfboards. So while we are chatting over breakfast at the Mango tree café, he decides he wants to step up from a scooter to a motorcycle for surf trekking- his own bike in his own style- and with the enthusiasm and support of his wife Maria we began the project.

What the project began as-This barely running not-fit-for-use 1995 Honda GLPro Neo Tech… “Thing”.


Being that I am making a bike for surf exploring, the clearance, suspension and handling should take anything Bali throws at you: there are some roads and trails here that will test any machine to the limits of its handling. A local machine shop forged a custom triple tree to accommodate the wider, fatter front wheel- bigger rider, bigger wheels- from narrow 17” wheel base, tires and rims to some FAT 18” swallow 80/250’s, a tire that I have put over 10,000 K’s on. A well-made tire is key for keeping the rider and bike right-side up on the road. These tires eat roads and trails for snacks and perform well even in rainy wet season conditions, and there is plenty of cushion for Jim’s size.


All the old look of the production GL Pro (angular and plastic, see 1990’s) done away with to a more classic bike look, called “bobber” or “Jap Style” depending on who/where you are at. Increasing the seat height completes the steps in bringing the bike to size, with quality foam to lend comfort to those longer rides, and motocross bars for better control in rough conditions.
A classic CB tank and custom hand crafted fenders, frame chopping and new weld brace points add style and strength, receiving tubes added for a removable surfboard rack system.


The finished product- I lost count of the hours spent testing and refining all the parts and components; I took every aspect of this machine through as many conditions as the roads and trails of Bali can offer. My goal is excellence and a stoked rider. Within the creative ideas of each project should be the core of a safe and reliable motorcycle.


Delivered to a stoked customer….

Ready to go- surf racks are stored safely at the back when not being used to carry equipment.

American Style

Here are some photos from friends in the U.S. who modify and restore-

This is a ’99 sportster custom 1200cc from Brian Carr in California. Brian says- “My new obsession. Lots of stuff I wanna do to it. Got 12” mini apes ordered with white “coke bottle” grips and 2″ shorter risers on the way as well. Need to relocate the front signals and figure out what to do with the speedo. Then I’ll black some stuff out, chop the rear fender with side mount plate and brake light. And tank lift/ignition coil relocation”  

And here is the after pic, he says-

“Tank lift fabricated and installed by me, straight pipes fabricated/wrapped/installed by me, saddle bag braces chopped by me. Just a few more things left”.


My other California associate, Paul Ayala had this Honda CT 70 restored, looking nice and fun to ride!


Making an old board new-ish

Whether it be a car, motorcycle, laptop, tool or surfboard, if it is good product I like to have it around for a while.
Three of my surfboards are over 4 years old now, and still work really well- along the way I have maintained and repaired them so I can still use them. After cleaning, drying and repairing all the dings on a couple of my boards recently I got artistically motivated and decided to paint them.
I have found that when I do repairs and decoration on my own equipment I come to know it better- Like building and modifying the motorcycles, maintaining and decorating surfboards has the same effect- the nuances of the curves, rocker, overall shape- and I swear they work better now. Plus it was fun!

Shape: Tim Stamps. artwork: Kyle Holmes (a real artist, I don’t know how he does it) see his other work at: respunmind.com and http://themindseyeway.blogspot.com/

Shape: Wade Tokoro 6’5″.  Technique:  Canned spray paint, masking tape, 3″ brush, thinner wipe.

The other side….

Shape: Eric Schoelkopf 6’2″ Quad. Taped off for racing stripes!

Stay inspired!